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The era of unrestricted use of 3rd party data is over, regulation and competition require legitimate 1st Party data. Large operating systems and platforms are restricting the collection and use of Ad ID’s, making deterministic advertising targeting and attribution impossible. Advertisers and publishers now face an even more difficult time connecting to their customers.

The Enigma Solution

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Create a Direct Permissioned Relationship with Every User

Users connect and share Rich Data attributes directly with your App via Enigma. As 3rd Party Mobile Advertising IDs go away, your need for a strong 1st party digital connection to your users has never been greater. 

Monetize Your App

Monetize Your App

Give advertisers precise targeting and deterministic measurement capability that leverages 1st Party Permissioned Rich Data and Consent powered by the user.

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Capture Consent 100% of the Time and Mitigate GDPR and CCPA Regulatory Risk

Users provide consent to each publisher/app with attribute level granularity in an Always-On connection. Enigma captures and stores a 1st Party consent record for every user-to-app connection.

A Single Solution for the Entire AdTech Ecosystem: Advertisers, Publishers, and Consumers


Consumers (users) control their own privacy preferences and receive consideration for their data from brands


Advertisers (Brands) get personalized targeting and deterministic measurement capabilities powered by 1st Party consumer consent


Publishers focus on premium content and user experiences, attracting user impressions that earn premium eCPMs

Ad Networks

Ad Networks deliver targeted and measurable premium ad payloads at premium eCPMs

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