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Create a Direct Digital Relationship with Every Customer.

Brand Customer Relationship

The era of unrestricted use of third-party data is over, with regulation and competition requiring legitimate first-party data. Large operating systems and platforms are restricting the collection and use of Ad ID’s, further exacerbating meaningful advertising attribution. Enterprises now face an even more difficult time reaching their customers.

The Enigma Solution

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Create a direct relationship with every customer

Customers connect and share Rich Data attributes directly with your Brand via Enigma. As 3rd party cookies go away, your need for a strong digital connection to your Customer has never been greater.

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Capture Consent 100% of the Time and Mitigate GDPR and CCPA Regulatory Risk

Customers provide consent on each Brand with attribute level granularity in an Always-On Connection. Enigma stores a record of first-party consent for every Customer-Brand connection.

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De-silo Data

Enigma’s Master Ledger links purchase data between your Brand, the Retailer and your Customer. Now you can deterministically link demand attribution from Ad Spend (ROAS) all the way through to Supply Chain Coordination.

A Single Demand Signal Solving Advertising and Supply Chain Requirements

Creates a Direct Digital Relationship with Every Customer

Powered by Rich Data from the Customer

Fuels ROAS and Supply Chain Coordination

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