How to Go From 3rd Party Data Dependent to 1st Party Data Driven in 90 Days


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How to Go From 3rd Party Data Dependent to 1st Party Data Driven in 90 Days

Sahal Laher“I am thrilled to share that I have joined the board of Enigma Data Inc, an exciting startup just exiting stealth mode that is positioned to solve the 3rd party data privacy and 3rd party cookie problem once and for all. Enigma’s first-party data output and insights are unmatched in the industry.”

– Sahal Laher, Global Head of Marketing and Analytics at Estee Lauder

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Navigating the Cookieless Future

Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Scott Shipman, Chief Legal and Privacy Officer, Enigma


SAHAL IS NOT ALONE. Privacy professionals like Alan Friel who lead billion dollar practices agree that 1st party permissioned connections are the future: “There are many companies trying to help the advertising industry solve the challenges presented by the demise of third party cookies, and privacy laws increasing transparency and choice requirements. Enigma presents first party value propositions for consumers, brands and publishers alike. I’m pleased to be part of the conversation as they evolve their services.

Industry Experts Recognize the Opportunity at Stake

Nikhil Dixit
Nikhil Dixit

We are living in a new digital era where ad tech companies, brands, and publishers must make user privacy central to their strategy in order to survive and prosper. Privacy and consent should no longer be seen as a boring afterthought but rather an opportunity to innovate and differentiate by delivering better, more personalized customer experiences. By empowering users to control their own data, companies will reap the rewards of increased brand loyalty, improved customer retention, and higher ROI.”

~Nikhil Dixit, Enigma Advisor and Former Head of Media at Google, SVP at LiveRamp 

James Hughes
James Hughes

“As someone who has spent the last 10 years of his life working directly with publishers, we are witnessing a giant paradigm shift in the way that data is transacted and utilized. It is imperative that the industry starts to embrace first party data, and the ever evolving ways to drive monetization results.” 

~James Hughes, Enigma Advisor and SVP Supply at Fyber 

Steve Hartman
Steve Hartman

“Ad tech and marketers for too long have been relying on third party data as the lifeblood that has driven their results. Consumers have woken up to the fact that they have become the product and regulators have stepped in to protect them. The time for a first party data ecosystem has fully arrived. The vision of Enigma Data is the most comprehensive I’ve seen, and the team is the right one to bring this to life. Enigma Data is a game changer for consumers to have full control over their data and realize the true value of it, and for marketers to have that 1:1 relationship with consumers that they’ve desired.”  

~Steve Hartman, Enigma Advisor and Former CMO at Urban Outfitters

Enigma Is Engineered for Marketing Leaders

Enigma is engineered for CMOs who are navigating their firms into a cookieless future, but are struggling to find a viable solution that will help them connect to their customers and drive sales.

HERE IS THE TRUTH: Here’s the truth: it is possible to say goodbye to 3rd party cookies if you build strong 1st party permissioned relationships with your customers. Unfortunately, consumer privacy has been neglected for far too long and the end result means that it is time for change. Enigma is leading that change – we have dedicated the last 15 months to solving the 3rd party data problem for CMOs of top tier brands.

Our Story

Our team is composed of leaders from across the ecosystem. Our founders have led data acquisition, strategy, and compliance for a Goldman Sachs/Balyasny Asset Management/Nasdaq Ventures backed data and analytics company. Our board is made up of current and former senior leaders from big brands and technology companies like Google, LiveRamp, AdColony, Fyber, Exponential, U of Digital, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, and Eddie Baur. We have privacy experts on board from Squire Patton Boggs, Intuit, and Google and we’re gearing up to speak alongside The Trade Desk and Double Verify this October at the International Association of Privacy Professionals annual conference on the panel focused on “Navigating a Cookieless Future”. 

3 years ago I inherited a privacy and compliance role on top of a data acquisition role at a data/analytics/MarTech company and I was charged with ensuring that over 180 apps and their 40 million monthly active users were in compliance with the company’s privacy standards. 

I quickly realized that the ecosystem needed positive change and that companies could leverage this moment in history to make stronger, deeper connections with their customers while exceeding regulatory benchmarks posed by GDPR and CCPA. 

I went to work and started socializing my ideas with other industry experts – turns out that the idea was so well received that these same experts decided to join the movement. 

Brendan Smith

So in May of 2021 I decided to help CMO’s and their customers with the method and we’re on track to fuel billions of 1st Party Permissioned Consumer-to-Brand Connections.

– Brendan Smith, Founder & CEO

The foundation of every corporate digital marketing strategy lies in 3 fundamental activities:

Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition

For the last 20 years, CMOs have relied heavily on acquiring customer data from data brokers or intermediaries. Unfortunately, this has resulted in poor consumer privacy practices and an unhealthy dependence on 3rd party data – which is now effectively useless in a cookieless world. 

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel – we have learned that acquiring rich data directly from your customers, instead of from data brokers, results in lower data acquisition costs, and eliminates your unhealthy dependency on 3rd party data and cookies.


Historically, we have relied on cookies managed by companies, not consumers, to deliver personalized experiences (ad targeting). 

Now is the time to give the consumer control of the cookie if we want to build/maintain customer trust. To do this we need to give customers the ability to control what data they share, who they share their data with, and how their data is used. When the consumer controls the cookie, not only does your relationship with them become 1st party, it fosters stronger bonds between the consumer and your brand resulting in higher brand loyalty. 


Measuring ROAS has historically felt like a probabilistic game of pin the tail on the donkey. 

However, by connecting the dots from person-to-impression-to-purchase, with the customer’s permission, you are able to deterministically close the loop on ad spend while turning buyers into loyal customers – enhancing your ability to drive loyalty and sales. 

Virtually every top expert agrees:
“As the industry evolves, advertisers and publishers are facing new challenges to balance reach with consumer privacy and regulations. We all need to take a step back and put consumers at the center – driving value and humanizing the data exchange.”

– Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media

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