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Benefit from Sharing Your Data

Consumer Rewards

Enigma is the first platform that puts you in control of your data, connects you to Brands you love, based on YOUR choices, so that YOU can benefit from increased privacy, cash-back rewards, and discounts for sharing your data.

The Enigma Solution

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Benefit from Sharing Your Data

Profit from your privacy. Relationships should be mutually beneficial. Brands can and should respect your privacy and you can and should be able to share your data with them – safely – so you both can benefit.

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Create a Direct Relationship with Every Brand

You can Connect and Control and share your data with the Brands you love. Now you can give the Brands you love permission to connect with you across the digital ecosystem.

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You provide consent to each and every Brand that you’re connected to in an Always-On connection. At any time, you can change or remove consent and take your data with you. 

It’s all about you. You are the Center of the Data Universe.

You Connect with Brands you love and build mutually beneficial Customer/Brand relationships.

You Benefit from sharing your data via discounts, cash back, and increased privacy from Brands.

You Control your personal data with each of your Brand relationships from your Enigma Mobile App.

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